Zero G and Road Runner Sports digitize fully custom insoles

Zero G, the San Diego-based footwear provider, is enabling customers to purchase fully customized insoles through its digital insole beta launch at participating Road Runner Sports.

Through participating, customers will have insoles shaped for them in-store, where the customized insoles will also be digitized for convenient, future custom insole purchases.

Unique Fitting Process:

Unlike competing custom insole brands which mold insoles from 2-dimensional pressure maps or inaccurate foam box impressions, Zero G’s patent-pending 4-layer insoles are shaped directly under the customers’ feet.

Once custom-formed, the insoles are scanned with Zero G’s patent-pending 3D technology, and the scans of the insoles are digitally archived with a unique scan identifier. With this identifier, customers can order pre-customized pairs of Zero G insoles via Road Runner Sport’s telephone sales or online shop.

Getting fitted:

Branded as inSouls in stores, Zero G is available at any of the 38 Road Runner Sports locations across the United States.

For more information about Zero G products or to find the fitting location nearest you, please visit or

For more information about the company, Zero G CEO Patrik Louko can be reached at or +358 (0) 44 0866366. For US sales and product information, please contact Sasha Hannon at +1 (619) 882 0540 or