Zero G custom insoles now at 4Runners

Customers are racing to get fitted with Zero G insoles at Finland’s premier running store, 4Runners.

“We are excited to offer our customers the best athletic custom insole on the market,” says 4Runner’s founder and CEO Raimo Juvonen, who has over 30 years’ experience in the running business.

4Runners customers have been enthusiastically getting fitted at 4Runner’s flagship store located in the Kluuvi shopping centre in downtown Helsinki.

“Demand for Zero G insoles has surpassed expectations,” adds Raimo Juvonen of 4Runners.

Zero G currently offers two lines of fully-custom, performance-enhancing insoles, both of which can be locally customized, scanned, and digitally stored so additional pairs of custom footwear can be ordered online and pre-shaped to the wearer’s original custom fit.

“The high interest in our product is a clear outcome of the extensive research and testing we have done to maximize running comfort and performance,” explains Zero G CEO Patrik Louko.

The world’s largest provider of fully custom athletic footwear, Zero G, launched cooperation with 4Runners in February 2016. Customers are welcome to be fitted by walk-in or appointment in 10 minutes or less at 4Runner’s Kluuvi location.

For more information about Zero G products, please visit

Zero G CEO Patrik Louko: or +358 (0) 44 0866366.

4Runners CEO Raimo Juvonen: +358 (0) 50 5144477