Zero G becomes world’s largest producer of fully custom sporting footwear

Within its first year of operation, Zero G, has become the world’s largest fully custom sporting footwear supplier by sales volume. With only 10 employees worldwide and a quarter-million insoles sold, Zero G is proving itself to be, like its products, small but mighty.

Small company, big vision

Zero G was founded by 4 veterans of the sporting industry with the goal of revolutionizing how individuals purchase custom sportswear.

In explaining the company’s rapid rise, Zero G co-founder and CEO Patrik Louko merely highlights how far the company has yet to go: “Well, there are 14 billion very different feet out there, and everybody needs footwear,” Louko says.

The company, in fact, aims to fit as many of the world’s 14 billion feet as possible with their fully custom products. Zero G has thus reformed the process of insole customization to be instant, accurate, and take place in local stores.

Physical to Digital Customization

With a 5 minute visit to a retail partner, Zero G customers have their insoles directly shaped on their feet and 3D-scanned to an online database. This physical-to-digital insole scanning process enables customers to shop online for additional custom-molded footwear products.

Zero G opened online and telephone sales for alpha testing in June 2015. In 2 months, they’ve received 100% customer satisfaction rates with the custom insoles created from scans originally made in-store.

Typically, online footwear retailers, as with online retailers in general, have return rates between 17 and 25%. The online powerhouse, Running Warehouse, for instance, has a 20% return rate even after introducing a semi-customized online shopping experience1. Zero G, with its more accurate scans and initial on-the-foot product shaping, has a customer return rate of well under 5%.

Zero Gravity Inside, Inc.

Zero G, officially known as Zero Gravity Inside Inc, was founded in Delaware, USA on January 2014.

In its previous 12 months of operation, Zero G made signed commitments of over 750,000 insoles with sporting retailers across the United States.

Expanding its marketing interests to include Europe, Zero G will open its first European R&D center in Helsinki, November 2015.

Zero G currently has operational offices in Taiwan, San Diego, and Helsinki.

For more information:

For more information about Zero G, its product lines, or European retail partnerships, please contact Laura Smith, Director of Communications, at +358 (0) 50 4129442 or For information on American retail partnerships with Zero G, contact Robin Niehaus at 1 (619) 623-1982 or