Global leader in fully custom footwear, Zero G, to launch R&D Center in Helsinki

The world’s largest provider of fully custom athletic footwear, Zero G, is opening its first Customization Research and Footwear Technology (CRAFT) center in Helsinki on November 30, 2015.

CRAFT will be a place for consumers to try Zero G insoles, view the patent-pending technology, and participate in studies with the latest product lines.

Customized technology:

Zero G is a technology-driven company with patents pending on its injection-molded insole cores, insole shaping podia, 3D foot- and insole-scanning technology, as well as its physical-to-digital footwear customization process. As technology evolves, Zero G updates its products and equipment, affording customers the most modern customization experience available.

The company currently offers two product lines of fully-custom, performance-enhancing insoles: Flash,a slim model designed for agile activities, and Force, a fully-cushioned model providing all-round support in endurance activities.

Visitors to the CRAFT will have the insole model of their choice shaped directly on their feet while in-store. Registered customers will also be able to test prototypes and request product versions suitablefor their preferred activities and lifestyle.

Unique Fitting Process:

Zero G has streamlined the custom fitting and scanning process, and it takes less than 5 minutes for apair of fully custom insoles to be shaped and set. Once set, insoles are 3D scanned, and the resultingfiles are uploaded and synced with the customer’s account.

With their account number, customers may order additional insole pairs online or by telephone, and orthotics pre-shaped for their feet’s topography will be delivered to their door.

Zero Gravity Inside, Inc.

Legally known as Zero Gravity Inside, Inc., Zero G is the world’s largest fully custom footwear provider by volume, and the company strives to make custom footwear convenient and available internationally.

Zero G’s CRAFT Center will be its first European location for in-store fittings and customer outreach. In addition to the CRAFT in Helsinki, Zero G has operational bases in Taiwan and San Diego.

For more information:

For more information about Zero G, its product lines, or European retail partnerships, please contact Laura Smith, Director of Communications, at +358 (0) 50 4129442 or For information on American retail partnerships with Zero G, contact Robin Niehaus at  1 (619) 623 1982 or